Beautiful Brothers, Sister, join the Tribe of Many Colors!


Tribe of Many Colors

Beautiful Brothers, Sister, Tribe of Many Colors,

My heart goes out to all of you and to our Beloved Mother Earth at this time of great change. Many of us are now aware of the real crisis we find ourselves in with the radiation spill in Fukushima. We know that the radiation has spread world wide and effects all of us.

I thank everyone who has sent crystals to Japan for the healing project, but now it is time to turn our focus on ourselves and each other. Please use your crystals in your homes, on your land and your waters. This is not a Japan problem but a world wide problem and the radiation is at your doors. In this video you will learn how to protect yourselves and your loved ones from harm. Remember, first understand the problem, be aware, then focus on the positive.

know staying positive with all this knowledge can be hard, but its what we must do to get through this difficult time. When we feel weak, when we feel small, something like world wide radiation is a scary thing, but when you KNOW who you are, when you know what you are capable of…believe in your own Great I Am and your purpose!!! There is nothing that can stop you, nothing! Bound together in love, in light and with determination, with Love as our compass, we can not fail, we will not fail!

Please share this video, everyone deserves to know how to help themselves, how to heal themselves and how to help!

Healing yourselves and Mother Earth with crystals

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