Sacred Trip to Mexico with Little Grandmother

10 days Exploration to the Mysterious Maya Rainforest

Date of the tourApril 29 to May 8, 10 Days Long

Join us for an impressive trip from arrival to end with Little Grandmother at your side! She will be sharing her deep understanding and ancient wisdom of each sacred place we visit. You will enjoy and learn from very personal and intimate prayers, ancient teachings and ceremonies that will be offered in many sacred locations. It will certainly be a trip of a lifetime!

Tour Feature

  • Visit the famous Mayan ruin, one of the 7 world wonders, Chichen Itza.
  • Enter to the ecological reserve area of the Lake of seven colors by boat, to see the Millennium Stromatolites.
  • Climb the Mayan heavenly ladder, the highest Maya pyramid Coba.
  • Explore to the deep Mayan rainforest reserve, more than 6000 Mayan ruins, the UNESCO
  • World Heritage site- Dynasty of Calakmul.
  • Included: All meals (except for day 1), 5* hotels, entrée tickets, tour guide (Mandarin, English and Spanish), Kieshas personal guidance throughout the entire trip and deeply spiritual ceremonies on this sacred excursion. (Not included: international tickets, visa, drinks and tips)

Price: 2.900 euros including the whole tour, Kiesha’s personal guidance, ceremonies, 5*hotels (all meals included) and translation and tour fees. (not included international flight to Cancun and drinks)

If you are intersted in joining Little Grandmother on this magnificent trip, please email Joyce,

Sacred Mexico Trip itinerary

Day 1 (29/04): Place of departure-Cancun Flight

Cancun is a famous international tourist destination in Mexico.  The city is in southeastern Mexico on the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.  Cancun is divided into two parts: the island tourist zone (which is 21 km long and 400 m wide and is connected to the mainland city with the bridges at the north and south ends), and the residential section.  Cancun’s beach is known to be the Top 10 beaches of the world.  Enjoying the Caribbean sunshine on the white beach is the highest pursuit of vacation. Pick-up at airport according the flight schedule, dinner, and rest at hotel.







Day 2 (30/04): Xplor Park


After breakfast, XPLOR is an adventure theme park mainly cable flying, amphibious off-road vehicles, underground river rafting, stalactite river swimming, to the beginning of each event will be through the winding stalactite cave, very worthwhile experience of the activities. XPLOR utilizes the natural terrain in the heart of the natural environment where you can start your adventures at Xplor where you will find impressive ancient rock formations as well as unforgettable activities. Also, use the safest and most modern equipment for activities. In the Xplor underground water and land vehicles on the 10 km, take the raft in the underground river rafting, through the 530 and 570 meters of the stalactite route, in the Rivera Maya area 14 highest cable flight, enjoy the bird’s eye view of the jungle. Visit the spectacular stalactites and enjoy the ancient caves!


After a beautiful day of fun and acclimating to our new environment, we will be ready to jump into the real reason we are all wanting to be apart of this trip. On our third day, we will begin our sacred journey with pyramids, temples, prayers, and ceremonies. We will emotionally, spiritually and soulfully dive into the deeper meanings of who our ancient ancestors were and what they really knew. We will bathe in the sacred waters of the Cenotes and spend time with the indigenous peoples of the rainforest and become one with the jungle itself. We as children of the Great Mother will begin our Deep journey into the elements, the ancient and the Sacred!


Day 3 (01/05): Chichen Itza- Bathing pool of Mayan king and queen, Cenote Samaal– Cenote Samula

After having breakfast at the hotel, we will begin our journey by visiting one of the World’s New Seven Greatest Wonders, Chichen Itza – the City of Mayan civilization in the Common Era six centuries ago. Chichen Itza is the most popular Mayan civilization pyramid that has been excavated so far. Mayans used stones to construct over hundreds of architectural buildings. Some relevant architectural buildings that have been excavated here include Kukulcan Pyramid, Temple of The Warriors, Group of the Thousand Columns, Ball Court, Astrological Platform…etc. These magnificent structures have exclusive sculpting. One of the greatest of all is located in the center of the plaza in Chichen Itza, the Kukulcan Pyramid. This structure was made of nine layers overlapping one another with the height over 30 meters and width over 3000 square meters. It has perfectly presented the extraordinary standards of Ancient Mayan architectural structures. After visiting Chichen itza, we are going to the nearby Cenote ikkil, the bathing pool of the Mayan king. 

There is a wide spectrum of opinions on the formation of Cenote ikkil; some say the sinkhole is formed by the rain-wash through thousands of years, some say it is by the meteorite impact. Cenote ikkil is open to the sky with the water level about 26m below ground level, 60m in diameter and about 40m deep.  In the ancient time, the Maya king and his women used this cenote for both relaxation and ritual services.  Later on, lunch at Cenote Samaal and visit Cenote Samula.  Return to the hotel in the evening.



Day 4 (02/05): Coba \ Mayan Heavenly Ladder-Gran Cenote

After breakfast, head for Coba, ruin of Mayan civilization in Peninsula Yucatan, 40 km from the Caribbean coast, is a so far largest Mayan ruin.  The Coba pyramid is allowed to climb.  It is said that the area opened to the tourists is just the tip of an iceberg.  On the top of the pyramid, you can see Cancun city beyond. 

To feel the historical changes underfoot, this is what the Mayans said about the distance to gods. After lunch, we are going to Gran Cenote, the main entrance of SAC ACTUN, the second longest underground river of the world.  Comparing to other caves, this is the most popular public cenote.  You can snorkel at the entrance of the cave, the water is crystal clear, or explore inside the cave following the directions.


Day 5 (03/05): Lake of Seven Colors, Millenium Stromatolites, Cenote Bruja, Pirate Channel, Lagoon Mud Spa

Bacalar is a mysterious and exquisite village within the Quintana Roo State situated right beside the Lake of the Seven Colors. The lake also goes by another name “The Perfect Lagoon” due to its calm waters that is covered by the turquoise stones, milky Prussian soil, and its Turkish blue waters. As a matter of fact, the color tones of this lake are similar to that of the Caribbean Sea. Undeniably, this lake can be classified as one of the most exquisite destinations in southern Mexico. You can choose to swim, snorkel, take a boat ride or to just enjoy the view and experience the amazing and unforgettable natural scenery of blue lagoon water. The reason why it’s called “Lake of the Seven Colors” is because of the various water depths creating the scene of seven shades of beautiful blue waters within the same area. The lake is also host 3 different types of open sinkholes that are formed due to an overflow of its waters. As well, there are 23 ancient Mayan ruins, coral reefs, mangroves, eco reserves, other open sinkholes and mysterious forests nearby Bacalar. For centuries, this place has been a heavenly mystery chest for tourists, archaeologists and explorers.


Day 6 (04/05): Becan Pyramid, Chicanna – Ritual Ceremonial Center, Chicanna Temple

Becan is the ancient Maya ruin of Maya civilization located in Central America. It is located closely to the center of the Yucatan Peninsula, 150 miles north from the famous Guatemala Maya Ruin Tikal. Balamku Ruins, Calakmul Ruins, Chicana Ruins, and Xpuhil ruins are also nearby. The name “Becan” was given by the archaeologists after a series of discussion. According to the archaeological evidence, approximately 550 years B.C, Becan was a populated city during the middle period of ancient Mayan civilization. After few hundred years later it turned out to be the center of Maya ritual ceremony during the later period of ancient Mayan civilization. You can climb the 45 meters pyramid and observe the Maya world in a protected area between Guatemala and Maya rainforest. Chicanna was one of the most famous ancient architecture during 600 ~ 800 A.D. During ancient Maya civilization, it was the second ruin structure in the archaeological site. “Chicanna” means “the home of the snake mouth”. “Chi” means mouth, “Can” means snake, and “Na” means house. The site is located only 2 miles from the west of Becan. The architecture style of Chicanna has an astonishing detail construction with a combination of variety; it is the most outstanding structure in the area. There is no large pyramid, but on the other hand, in terms of the quality of decoration on small construction, it is the most exquisite center. For the Mayans, this site is a very important center for spiritual ritual and ceremony.


Day 7(05/05): Explore the Human Cultural Heritage rated by UN, located at Maya Rain Forest over 6000 Ancient Ruins, Calakmul – Dynasty of Snake

Calakmul ruin is located within the region of Campeche District of Mexico, only 35 miles away from Guatemala border. The site area is approximately 30 square miles hidden within the wide protected Maya rainforest. Calakmul, the Capital of Kana City, was one of the most important cities during ancient Maya period. (Kana means “snake” in Maya language). Therefore, Calakmul dynasty was also called the dynasty of snake. The archeologists estimate that there are approximately 6750 ancient Maya ruins hidden in here. Among all ruins, the largest structure is the Big Pyramid, with the dimension of 45 meters high, making it to be one of the largest Maya pyramids. Today, we have the opportunity to climb the highest pyramid in the Maya ruin site and experience a close touch to the magnificent Maya monument and monumental writing. During the ancient Mayan time, Calakmul dynasty and Tikal dynasty were fighting against each other, in the seventh century, Tikal dynasty grew strong and the dominating position of Calakmul was challenged. In year 695 A.D, Calakmul was defeated by the king of Tikal -Jasaw Chan. Tikal regained the dominant position in the central Maya area. The power of Calakmul fell drastically but as a city of Maya, it was until the 9~10 century that it was abandoned in the forest like all the other cities of Maya.


Day 8(06/05): Tulum – Twilight City

After breakfast, let’s go to Tulum. Tulum is one of the cities where the Mayan civilization was finally built and lived, and for the most prosperous period between the 13th and 15th centuries, 70 years after the Spaniards occupied Mexico. The diseases of the old Spanish colonists seem to have been the cause of Maya destruction. Tulum is one of the best preserved coastal Maya ruins on one side of Mexico’s most beautiful Mayan beach, and now is a popular tourist attraction





Day 9(07/05): Isla Mujeres, Beach Club, Mayan Temple, Famous South Coast scene

After breakfast at the hotel, we will start at 9:30 am in the turtle beach pier on time to start the exciting twin sailboat to the island of the island sailing. On the way, you can enjoy the open bar on the boat all day long, drink a cocktail in the bow, watching the sea from one blue to another blue. You can also jump into the sea, enjoy the superficial fun. After landing on the island of the island, enjoy the beach club and unlimited buffet lunch. On the island, you can experience close contact with the nurse shark, you can also go to “Ixchel” love and birth goddess site promise. At the time of return, lie on the side of the boat so that the warmth of the Caribbean sunshine sprinkles on your face, the waves slip through the skin and the wind strokes your hair.


Day 10 (08/05): Airport Drop-off – Original Place

Flight info: After breakfast, free time at your leisure and exchange your experience of the tour.  In the afternoon, we’ll have airport drop-off service.