Newsletter March 2016

Newsletter March 2016

Dear brothers and sisters, Tribe of Many Colors,

As the shiny new feeling of the new year starts to tarnish and fade and we begin to find ourselves in the old patterns of everyday life filled with expectations and obligations, I want us to remember what magical and powerful creations we actually are. It is easy to forget that we really are Divine creations with absolute power to co-create the world we wish to live in and that we have a true cosmic power and ability within ourselves. It is easy to fall back on believing that we are only one of billions living on this planet, eating, drinking, breathing, going to and from work day after day, but I want to remind us all that as we live day to day, we are actually, literally, creating the world we live in. You have been given a great and powerful gift by Heaven above. You have been given one of the most potent gifts of all creators great and small. You have been given the gift of speech.

I want to remind us all that the gift of the spoken word is not only a gift but a precious and powerful way of creating. When you speak of love, you will receive love back; when you speak of hate, you will receive hate back to you. I want to remind us all to focus on how we speak to each other and how we speak about ourselves. Most of the time we are so caught up in our automatic way of speaking that we forget to really take a close look at what we are actually creating with our words.

Throughout our history we can see how individuals like Nelson Mandela, Shivaji Bhonsle, Martin Luther King Jr., and Harriet Beecher Stowe have used the power of words to bring back dignity and self-worth to the masses. By truly believing in something and using their wind to spread their seeds of passion, they have changed the lives of many. Sadly, I believe it is much easier for each of us to think of names of people who have used their words to influence the masses in the most horrific ways. Our history books and films are filled with war stories, evil leaders, invasions, the holocaust, witch hunts…The list goes on and on. Within seconds we can all name three or four terrible tyrants who used their voices to convince the masses to hate and wage war against another group of people. The saddest thing to me about this is it is usually done “in the name of God”. Nevertheless, every single war ever waged on this planet, whether it be because of politics, money, economics or religion, has been started because of one individual’s ability to instill a powerful belief and emotion in many.

One of the few remaining beautiful indigenous tribes that still live by the ancient ways and speak true words is the Kogi Tribe in Columbia. I am so thrilled to anncoune two elders from the Kogi Tribe in Colombia are coming to Belgium on the 14th and 20th of May 2016. These amazing elders will share with us their true ancient ways and wisdom. The Kogi Tribe is one of few indigenous tribes in which ancient wisdom and beliefs are still preserved, even after the invasion of the spanierds so long ago. Their ancient truths go back to the time of Atlantis and the pre Mayan civilisation. De Kogi Elders are the “Keepers of Harmony on Planet Earth”. They live in the high mountaisn of the “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta”, according to their history “the heart of Mother Earth”. I will be joining the Kogi Elders in ceremony and workshops during the weeks that they are with us in Belgium. Have a look at the agenda for more details about their visit to Belgium.

Our words can be used to create or destroy. The power of speech is one of the greatest gifts we have ever be given as human beings. Not only can we use this great gift to express ourselves in an array of emotions, insights and intuitions but we can also use it to heal ourselves and others. So I am setting a challenge for each of us to be aware of the words we use. When we say, “Hello, how are you?” do we really mean it or is it an auto pilot reaction for a greeting? When we respond, “I’m good, thanks,” are we being honest or, again, using our auto pilot? Be mindful of how you speak about yourself and others. When you become aware of the words you are using you will become aware of the life you are creating. I am taking this challenge with you.

Please, have a look at the agenda: .
I will be traveling to Hong Kong and Beijing later this year, spreading the message of love to China! Follow me on facebook or read the blog on my website, I will keep you updated. Furthermore, I will be doing Shamanic Journey on Jersey Island, there still are a couple of places left for this empowering two days intensive workshop on the Spring Equinox. And I will be taking a small group of max. 11 people to the Azores, to swim with the dolphins, messengers of Love, and to be with the whales, give blessings to the land and the Atlantic Ocean. We will visit the pyramid structures found on one of the islands. It will be a magical trip. If you want to be one of those 11 please contact me. Hope to see you on one of my events or trips. If you cannot join me, follow me on facebook and twitter and read the blogs from the website. We do it together, together we make the world a better place.


Little Grandmother


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