Newsletter June 2013

Newsletter June 2013
Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Tribe of Many Colors,
It is a great pleasure to write to you today and say hello once again. There is so much happening in our world today, some of it good and some of it bad. The key to living in a world that is full of negative and beauty is to focus our attention on the good instead of the bad. This year has already brought a lot of heart- ache and sadness through the enormous earth events such as the wild fires and typhoons in Australia, and the massive tornadoes in Northern America to the earthquakes in China. Already we are seeing a leap in the size and ferocity of the earth changes that our changing poles and temperature changes around the globe are producing.

We can learn about these things and send our prayers and our love to those in need as a whole and we can lighten the energetic load of those who are suffering. Instead of feeling the terrible sadness and grief, we have a responsibility to understand our earth changes. It has been a systematic and proven fact that as humanity goes through something difficult, our energy plummets instead of rising. Why is that? Because we focus on the event that has happened instead of looking at it as a break down of the old and the arrival of the new. If we can look at it as something new coming in after the breakdown of something old, we can raise our vibration and imagine something better. This is the key for our humanity at this time.

We are the strongest of the strong, the wisest of the wise and we are the ones born to this beautiful and magnificent planet at this time.We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the ones that must pull the energy, the awareness and the consciousness up on our planet despite all that looks to be bad or hard or damaging. Yes, these natural disasters will continue and in the face of such things we must be prepared on how to emotionally handle such things. We must gather ourselves together in spirit to help lift the consciousness as we can see that this is a new beginning as the old crumbles. We can look around our planet and see that governments are crumbling, the hierarchy is being challenged, the governmental and religious super powers are starting to crack and this is a good thing. It is a great opportunity for change, to make things better and to bring forth a different tomorrow.

We cannot do as our ancestors have done so many times, when things get hard our vibration sinks into despair. This time we must see that the old is crumbling for a purpose and that we have a great opportunity to rebuild something wonderful! That is what it’s all about. That is why the poles shifting is such an important event. As the magnetic poles are shifting the planet is gaining a huge amount of energy, whether it is coming from the sun flares or something more magical we do not know, but the fact of the matter is that the world is raising in energy levels. And we all know that what happens to mother earth happens to the human being. So the energies are rising and we are feeling the effects of this in our bodies. We are having headaches and nausea, even loosing our balance, feeling as if our equilibrium is off. All due to these great energies that we are digesting. These energies cannot hurt us but will lift us up. We need to focus our attention on being one with Mother Earth and feeling connected to her, staying grounded and being focused on imagining a better world to live in.

Our imagination is the key, for that which we can imagine with all the detail we can muster, will become our reality. The words we speak are also magic. If we speak love then love returns to us. When we act in love, love comes back to us. This is the key, living in love is the key to having a better world to live in. As this year progresses we will see many different earth changes and governments and religions loosing their strong hold. When this happens, let us send love to those who are in need and let us do what we can to help. Imagine something better coming in its place. It is essential for us to keep meditating, being grounded and one with our beloved Mother Earth. It’s so important for us to focus our energies where they need to be.

I have made an MP3, a guided meditation to the earth breathing exercises that pulls Mother Earth energy up through our chakra system. By doing this mediation it will not only balance your chakras and clear and clean them, but also incorporate Mother Earths energy inside of you, becoming one with her energies. In this way we become a more balanced person. You can download this meditation on my website at

As many of you know I have been teaching not only the message this year but something new! I am teaching the lessons and techniques I was taught by Mother. I am so excited to share these things that are so close to my heart. I am teaching the things I was personally taught, such as the four elements, what they really are and how they are a part of our every day lives. Have you ever thought of how earth, wind, water and fire serve you. That these elements are inside of you. And that you can manipulate them to help you in your life. There is so much to teach and I’m so excited to be giving these workshops around the world. I hope to see you all and share these gifts with you. I love you and I’m always here for you in every way I can. Together we will make a difference on our planet and for each other. In love we will change the world and in love we will help change the consciousness on our planet.

I send you all my love and gratitude.


Little Grandmother