Newsletter February 2012

Newsletter February, 2013
“A New Day is Dawning”

with Little Grandmother

When: March 30th, 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Where: Irene Congreszaal in de Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

Price: 45 Euros


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Tribe of Many Colors,

It is with great excitement that I invite you to come and join me in Utrecht where I will be giving the first event of the new year. As many of you know I have now moved to Holland and am dedicated to doing all I can to helping you, my brothers and sisters, press our way forward in spirituality, setting the example for the rest of the world.

Many new and wonderful things are happening in this beautiful country. I will be speaking about many new things happening here that we can all be apart of, the changing times we are in and of course, what we can DO to be part of that change. For example: the very first spiritual school in the Netherlands, recognized by the government has opened its doors. The brave and pioneering women who have started this school are all volunteers, teaching not only the necessary curriculum but also starting each day with mediation, and teaching the children how to interact and speak to nature. The children are flooding in, yet sadly, this marvelous school will have to close its doors if they can not find and afford a suitable building. It’s at times like this that we must step in and help where it is needed. So many times we look out our windows and do not like the world we live in but how often do we do something about it? There are many things we can do to make this world a better place, helping this school is one of them. So I am excited to announce that proceeds from the ticket sales to this event will be go to keeping this school going.

Imagine our children growing up and being taught how to love Mother Earth, to listen to their inner guidance and using love and compassion along with their mathematics and history lessons. The children are our future, they are the change, but we must give them the chance to be that change. Holland really is the place where it is all taking place, things like this school are setting examples for the rest of the world! I am so grateful to be living here now, to take part in this awakening and I am excited to be able to speak with you about the amazing things that I will be doing all over this country and want you to come and be a part of it. Please come and be with us on the 30th of March in Utrecht, as there is so much to share with you. Its no longer time to just talk about a change, but time to really make one.

I hope to see you all at the event, and please pass this on to all you know so that we can donate as much as possible to this spiritual school. Please help us advertise the event where you can. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you!

With all my love and dedication,

Little Grandmother

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