Newsletter August 2018

New Book Quote

“People need people; we are not a solitary species. We need each other. When you know who you are and what your passion is, you will find people just like you and you will start growing your passions together, like adding wood to a fire”

Shamanic Journey with Little Grandmother

Learn the shamanic way

– Working with the drum medicine
– Learning how to trust Mother Earth
– Healing old wounds and patterns to empowering one’s self
– Working with the spirits of the land and nature
– Fire, Earth and Water ceremonies in nature
– A better understanding of your life purpose
– A deeper understanding of sacred ceremony
– Working on trust and being able to ask for help
– Learning more about your animal totem, color, and number

More info and shamanic journeys near you:

Events and workshops 2018-2019

15-16 September 2018

Advanced Shamanic Journey 
(English and German translation)

Bern (Switzerland), organized by Die Quelle

More info and registration: click here

29-30 September 2018

Shamanic Journey 

Ljubljana, Slovenia

More info and registration: click here or email Sarah

20-21 October 2018

Advanced Shamanic Journey 

Dalfsen (The Netherlands)

More info and registration: click here or email Joyce,

28 October

Water Ceremony Maas 

Roermond, The Netherlands

More info and registration: click here

More planned events 2018-2019, more info is coming soon.

  • 25 Aug – 8 : China Sacred JourneySept 
  • 31 October: Almere Lecture (FULLY BOOKED)
  • 24 November-2 December: Journey to Egypt (FULLY BOOKED)
  • February 2019: Lectures & workshops in South-Africa
  • 13 March 2019: Lecture in Friesland
  • 23-24 March 2019: Shamanic Journey in Bern
  • 5-7 April 2019: Shamanic Journey in Tuscany
  • 27 April – 4 May 2019: Shamanic work in France
  • 21-22 Sept 2019: Shamanic journey in Bern
  • 26 October 2019: Workshop in Frankfurt