Beautiful Tribe of Many Colors,

Dear Brothers and sisters,

It is wonderful to be able to address you once again. It has been a very busy time the last few months with travel and work and well, with life itself. I know I am not the only one with so much to do. It seems that life is speeding up and the work to be done is endless but we must not forget to take the time to enjoy. How many times have we all heard the saying “take time to stop and smell the roses?” A very common statement couldn’t be more true or more important for us at this time.
As we each struggle in our day to day lives, watch the news, or witness the tragedies happening around our globe these days it is easy to sink into the feeling of despair. With those feelings our own energies sink, this is a process that human kind has gone through time and time again. It is indeed an old habit of ours. I want to remind us all that what we give our energies too is also what we will create. That is why the worse it gets, the worse it gets or the better it gets the better it gets. When we feel and see the good in the world the easier it is to see the good. This is why it is so important to stop….. and smell those roses. Yes there is a lot going on in the world that does not feel or look so good and sometimes it feels like the whole world is just going to hell. After saying that, I am reminded of my Great Grandmother saying the exact same thing about life when she was a young woman, then again to me when I was younger. Each of us, whether it be our generation or 100 generations before us, have all lived during a time of war, sickness, famine, or natural disasters. The point being, let us not focus on what is wrong with the world, but what is so good about this world. When we are in tune with the good we feel good, our energies rise and together we can raise the global vibration. Beloved friends and family, this is the time, we are the ones, we are the strongest of the strong and we DO have the ability to help change this world. In order to do this we must look at our world a bit differently, we must stand strong, stronger than we have ever done before and we also must be strong not only for ourselves but for those who are in the middle of great crisis. We are so fortunate to live where we live, to have warm homes, food on our tables, safety and love, but so many are without these things. Those of us that are so fortunate, so blessed need to find it in our hearts and souls to be the love, the light and the highest vibration not only for ourselves but for others who cannot at this time. We are opening a new chapter in humanities consciousness, a new way of looking at the world, a new understanding that it is our own awareness that creates our world. With so many focused on what is wrong, we must double our efforts on focusing on the good.
No matter how dire the situation becomes one can always find beauty and something to marvel at in Nature. This coming year that is what I want to focus on. The celebration of life, the good, how we can get back to nature, grow our relationship strong with Mother Earth once again. We are working on workshops and events for children, for families and many more great and exciting things. I look forward to seeing you all again and sharing a warm embrace. Now take a moment to look out your window….Yes do it right now; what marvellous beauties did you see? What creation of Mother made you smile? See? Already you feel better than you did before!

I love you,

Little Grandmother

Upcoming Events 2014

          1 October: Seminar in Delft (NL): “De grote verschuiving van Moeder Aarde”


          11-12 October: 2 days’ Workshop in Munich (D): “Being in your full potential, Being the Great I Am”


          19 October: Workshop Cape Town (South-Africa): “Remember who you are and where you came from”


          1 November: Seminar in Oostmalle (B) “Message for the Tribe of Many Colors”


          23-24 November: Shamanic Journey in Dalfsen (NL)

More info and registration:

          6 December: Workshop in Vienna (Austria): “The Four Elements within you”

Registration: Email to


Your Animal Totem

Since I was eight years old, I see a particular animal in the centre of each person’s chest. Most people have one animal with them whose Spirit has chosen to guide them and be with them through life—but I have encountered some people with two. I cannot explain this at all rationally, but clear as day I can see a particular (and often quite specific) animal in the centre of a person’s chest.
Most often, when I tell the person what animal I see with them, it comes as no surprise. Either they sensed it themselves already, have a long standing relationship with that animal, or had been told by some other shaman or medicine person the same thing. Sometimes, though, it is unexpected, and some people are even disheartened when they find out what animal I perceive to be with them. One needs to understand that no animal is greater or lesser in its being and in the medicine, lessons and protection it offers, than another. While everyone seems to want to have the mountain lion, bear, wolf or some other “powerful” animal as a totem, few understand the power of badger medicine, or the beautiful gifts of the skunk or even the mouse as spirit protector.
Most importantly, the animal totem is there to teach you, to guide you and to offer you. Sometimes it is trying to get you to pay attention. That animal may be a spirit protector for you.

Your Energy Color and Number
I can see your energy color, flowing through your body as pixels on a picture. I can see where it is stuck and where there is a lot of it. This color can tell a lot about a person’s character, about its gifts and qualities. This color is accompanied by a number. I will give you your number as well.

How does it work?
I can see the animal totem, your energy color and number in you on a photo. I will need a photo of you, showing at least your face and chest. I will give you your animal totem, color and number, and email you the details of this specific animal totem and color, its importance, its qualities, its meaning.

How to receive your animal totem,color and number
Step 1: send your name (same last name as on your bank account) and a photo of you to the following

Step 2: make a payment of 40 USD (30 euros) to our bank account:
Name: little grandmother
Banknumber: NL52 TRIO 0197 8402 05
Or make a payment of 40 USD (30 euros) to paypal

Step 3: you will receive a confirmation email as soon as we have received the photo and payment, and Little Grandmother will email you within a weeks’ time your animal totem, color and number; and all the details that come with it.

This beautiful and deeply heart moving message and meditation by Little Grandmother serves to bring the listener to a powerful place of remembrance to their own Great I AM and ability to change their reality on Earth.
Voice: Little Grandmother Kiesha
Native American Flutes: Michael Telepary

To Download: