Maui Ceremony 2010 by Little Grandmother

Maui, Hawaii Ceremony June 2010 by Little Grandmother

Maui, Hawaii Ceremony
June 2010
Little Grandmother

The Magic began with stepping off the airplane and being met by our dear sister Lehua in Maui. She placed lei around Jennifer’s and my neck and led us to the most beautiful land on the island. The palm trees caressed the sky while fruit trees and flowers scented the air; it was so beautiful I have a hard time finding the words to describe such beauty.

The next day we awoke to the sound of gentle waves crashing against the rocks and the sounds of tropical birds chirping outside the window. The day was spent in prayer and humility as I search for the exact place where to bury the crystal and perform ceremony. I was told that I would find three ancient and very sacred stones where ceremony was once held hundreds of years ago by the Indigenous Hawaiian people…and that they would be place to match Orion’s Belt.

I was lead by the spirit to walk into the jungle amongst the vines and thicket to find them hiding under the brush, once cleared off there they stood in all their magnificence. The grandfather stone was at least 6 feet tall, standing erect with a beautiful Plumeria trees growing out of the top. The grandmother stone was carved into a large heart that didn’t go all the way through, and the third stone was the child stone setting in the middle of these two giants. So sweet and buzzing with soft and tender energies.


I knew I had found the place I was instructed to find without a doubt. The energy there among these rocks was so intense it was almost palatable! Soon we discovered another stone that looked much like a large chair, we soon found out it was a birthing stone. The entire place was magical. The ocean to the North of us, green covered mountains on each side of us and to the south the beautiful hill with the sacred stones.

The next morning started out with prayer and drumming, watching the sun come up over the ocean and getting to know those who attended. The Kahuna and nose flute player, and a traditional singer…the group was truly so perfect, such gentle souls. The ceremony began with the Kahuna Al Lagunaro calling to the ancestors and Mother Earth with sacred song. He gave his blessing for the ceremony to begin and offered me gifts from a Lakota brother who visited the island a very long time ago, who in fact, turned out to be my great great great grandfather! He then named me “Little Sister” to the Hawaiian Kuhunas and blessed me on the blue road. I started ceremony by drumming and we shared the sacred peace pipe sending our prayers high into the sky and into the crystal.

So many beautiful things were offered, prayed, given, and blessed before we took turns removing the earth and creating a hole to become the new home for this crystal. With a blood and flesh offering I placed Her into her new home. Many tears flowed and hearts opened as we opened our hearts and poured our love, hearts and souls into the healing of sacred Mother, into the healing of each of us, into raising the consciousness.

The first person to place the soil over the crystal was a ten year old boy, symbolizing the pure intact masculine…to bless and honor the glorious feminine. He was so quiet and a little shy, but what a pure little soul.

Next, I handed the Kahuna a handful of soil with a bowed head and bent knee. He placed the soil over the crystal with tears running down his knees, then I did the same with my most heartfelt prayers for beloved Mother followed by the keeper of this crystal, Lehua, placed her soil over the crystal and then the others of the group followed. With songs and prayers, music and hearts burst wide open, we closed the ceremony by placing our leis over the sacred spot.

Old prophecy came true…the Kahunas had talked for hundreds of years about the blonde child who would come and reopen sacred sites of ritual and prayer. They said she would come with a gentle rain and be found at the end of a particular rainbow.

After the ceremony was over, Al told me that he was in the middle of lunch when he looked up and saw this special rainbow that has been talked about and passed on from generation to generation. He said he dropped his drink on the floor and ran to his car because he saw the prophecy playing out. He literally followed the rain and the rainbow until it ended at the gate and waited. When he walked the path, he asked if there as a young blonde woman there. This is how we met.

It sounds like a movie or fairy tale. I still just sit with a smile on my face, amazed at how magical this earth life really is. Everywhere we can see miracles if we take the time to look. This last time had been filled with so many exquisite moments; this ceremony was one of those moments. My heart opened wide, my love for each of you, my Tribe grows each day knowing that we are the Rainbow Children that the indigenous ancestors have always spoke about. We are here!! We are bringing prophecy true, we are changing the planet, we are changing our lives, we are braking our hearts open and we are coming together in love, in light, in glorious reunion of enlightenment.

My Tribe…how I love you…how I honor and respect you for being who you are…for opening your eyes and knowing that we can create a better world…I adore you!


Your Little Grandmother