Laetitia Tillet & Carlos

Laetitia Tilliet & Carlos Sanchez

Please join me and my very special guest Laetitia & Carlos for a night of powerful songs, prayers and ceremony!

At a very young age, Laetitia had to grow up quick and learn how to take care of herself and her younger siblings due to a violent alcoholic father and a mother who worked non-stop to provide for them. Her young life was a difficult one and Laetitia began to running away from home.

 At age 18 she left home to study in Brussels and there she found a new world opening up for her, one that would allow her to travel and to discover who she really was! Laetitia soon found herself traveling to Canada where she lived and learned from a beautiful family of Okanagan Native Americans. She found herself surrounded by bears and eagles, rattle snakes, mountain lions and wild horses, big rivers, lakes and mountains. Mother Earth was so present, so giving, and so nurturing that it changed Laetitia forever. She continued traveling to India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos and Guatemala, always listening and learning for Mother Earths teachings and guidance.

After hearing from a friend that there was a small village in the Amazon rainforest in Colombia named Letitia, she knew she had to go!  After so much searching and so many travels, the moment she arrived in Colombia she felt home. One month later she met her husband Carlos and soon after, the beloved Kogi tribe. 

For three years Laetitia and her husband lived and learned from the Kogi, the “Sacred care takers of Mother Earth” and began to start their beautiful family in Columbia. 

Laetitia and Carlos now live in Belgium with three beautiful little boys and I have had the great honor of knowing them, loving them and learning from them. Their deep dedication to the Great Mother is awe inspiring and to be with their beautiful little family is a testament to how precious life can be when in dedication to the Sacred! 

Come and enjoy the deeply moving music, prayers, songs and teachings Laetitia and her husband Carlos are willing to share with us on this important night!

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Carlos is a musician from Columbia and has lived with the Kogi tribe for several years. He is also the Husband of beautiful Laetitia and father of three precious little boys. Carlos will be sharing his amazing talent and traditional music with us on the night of ceremony.