Kim Renuka Van Kuy

Kim Renuka Van Kuy

Born in the heart of Mother India, Renuka stayed in an orphanage in Mumbai until she was adopted by a Belgian family. Her Indian identity was whipped off the surface of the earth and replaced by Kim Van Kuyk. After graduating as a building engineer, she worked for 15 years on construction sites. When her son Jesse (7 years) asked her 3 years ago: ’Mom, do I have to become an engineer and be unhappy like you or can I do what I love, work with animals, earn less money than you but be happy?’, she got a huge wake up call. This one sentence changed her whole life, as she dropped her work the following day and decided to follow her heart…not quite knowing what that would mean, or what impact that would have on her life/family.  She discovered there was so much pain inside of her that needed to heal…Pain of being abandoned by her parents when she was just a baby left her with an ocean of dark emotions and a low self esteem. Not being able to connect in a physical way with her birth parents, Renuka connected with Mother Earth. She started writing songs from the heart and singing in nature and soon found her own authentic self starting to emerge.  

The very day she finished Little Grandmothers book “Message for the Tribe of Many Colors” and saw the movie ‘Aluna’ about the Kogi tribe deep in Sierra Nevada , she wrote a song for Little Grandmother. Later Renuka was honored to sing her song “One Tribe of Many Colors” for Little Grandmother in person at a large event in the Netherlands. 

We are all born to shine, it is not just in some of us, it is for us all! We are all born with great gifts no matter where we were born, no matter where we were raised! We all have the same Mother…we’re all brothers and sisters of the same Tribe of Many Colors


One Tribe of Many Colors song written for Little Grandmother