“What you can do to help little grandmother and her loved ones, while they are in Japan”

Dear Tribe of Many Colors,

Many of you on Facebook have expressed your feelings on how impressive, wonderful, amazing, touching and loving the Global Healing Ceremony felt for each and every one of you last Saturday.
Little Grandmother mentioned the glowing white light created by the amazing amount of powerful energies, prayers, love & light was like nothing she had ever seen before.
We can say without a doubt last Saturday was a very intense and moving experience to so many of us present in the room.
Many of us could feel that we are indeed the strongest of the strong. That we are indeed all ONE.
As a group we managed to hold the highest energy possible. LOVE.

mother earth1

Today dear Tribe Members worldwide, we would like to remind you that this amazing journey continues.
Within a few days, this Saturday, Little Grandmother will be leaving for the Japan LOVE tour.
During the Global Healing Ceremony Little Grandmother spoke on how she and her loved ones are determined to help and teach as many people as possible in Japan on how to use crystals to protect themselves and heal Mother Earth from all radiation.
They are set and determined to get as close as possible to the district of Fukushima to place the ancient healing crystal in the earth, no matter the challenges ahead.
Every single day Little Grandmother will be performing ceremony for the healing of Mother Earth.
It goes without saying that this will be a very intensive Japan LOVE tour for everyone involved.

Therefor dear Tribe Members we are asking of you to stay actively involved over the next few weeks. It is of the upmost importance to stay connected and to keep coming together as ONE. Remember, we are the strongest of the strong!
We need to raise the energies as high as possible and help Little Grandmother to complete this task.

This is what YOU can do at home, individually or in group gatherings – worldwide!

1. Take time to meditate daily and connect to your own great I AM. (I am, THAT I AM meditation)
Focus on sending as much love, light, healing and protection as possible to Little Grandmother and her loved ones.

2. Gather yourself, friends and family for group meditations.
Connect to your great I AM’s and know that we are the strongest of the strong!
Inform people when and where you will be gathering.
Let Little Grandmother know through Facebook that you are sending her as much love, light, healing and protection as possible!

3. Check in on Facebook regularly to stay connected to the updates about Little Grandmother’s Japan LOVE tour. Little Grandmother will be posting as much as possible about the journey. She will also post when she is doing ceremony so we all know when to join in on meditation.

4. Check the Japan event on Little Grandmother Kiesha Facebook page for travel itinerary. Inform yourself on where Little Grandmother will travel and do ceremony.

5. Check Google for local time and time differences.

People in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Europe
* Japan time: CET +7 (summertime)

People in UK * Japan time: GMT +8 (summertime)

6. Go to ‘Just This Crystals‘ on Facebook and read Sally Craggs post on how to use your crystals in the upcoming weeks.

We can do so much more then simply wish Little Grandmother safe travels.

Let’s all gather our hearts in love & light!
Let’s all gather as ONE!Together we can make a difference!Together we will make a change!


Love to you all.
Chantal Belmans

LG team