Grandmother Signe

Signe Katrine Maso

Signe Katrine Måsø is a Sami Yoiker and drum-healer from a Sami community high in the North of Norway.  She grew up in a small Sami village, where the people have always lived as one with the surrounding nature. Her grandfather was a traditional reindeer owner/herder and her father made his livelihood by hunting, fishing and farming. Nature has always been a very big part of Signe’s life and still to this day remains her greatest teacher. 

Since she was a young child she was taught the traditional Sami Yoik which holds a very special place in her heart… and rightfully so!

In the 16th century Christian missionaries tried to completely destroy the shamanist beliefs of the Sámi. Yoiking was declared a sin and was forbidden by the christians and the Sami “witch drums” as they were called, were confiscated and burned. Luckily for us all, these traditions were kept alive by a few brave souls and are still being taught and passed down to this day. Our dear Signe is one of the beautiful people sharing this ancient tradition and powerful gift with us all. 

Signe has used the Sami drum as a healing implement for herself and others for the last 20 years. She holds drum ceremonies inspired by old Sami traditions, where Yoiking is used to invoke deep emotions and offer prayers, healing and love for animals, nature and people. 

Little Grandmother and Signe have performed several ceremonies together over the last several years. Drumming, praying, singing and Yoiking for the health and healing of Mother Earth has brought there hearts and souls together in a profound way. Please Join these two powerful women on the 9th of September! 

Signe is a Lifecoach and a student at the Norwegian Biodanza school.

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