Donation for Mama Aarde Family Festival (MAFF)

Beautiful Tribe of Many Colors,

I shared with you the first edition of “Mama Aarde Familie Festival” (MAFF)!! This is a festival created for the kids and their families, to learn all about Mother Earth, how to connect to her, in a fun and playful way. There will be many exciting workshops. I will be personally taking the kids back into the forest, teaching them how to communicate with Mother Earth. This festival will take place in Zeewolde, The Netherlands, on Sunday the 5th of July.

The festival is entirely organized by volunteers and is a non-profit festival. This is why we ask for your help to make a small donation to make this festival happen!  If you make a donation we will send you a gift, a special meditation by little grandmother.

As soon as you have made a small donation through paypal, we will send you the special meditation to your email address.


For more information about MAFF and ticket sales, go to

Thank you for your support!!!


Little Grandmother