Online Webinars

"Creating your own Sacred Circle" online course will offer you a deep understanding of how each of the four elements plays an essential role for the health and purpose of our planet. We will learn how interdependent they are to one another anod how each element represents itself in the human being. With the knowledge of who we are, what gifts we have within us and how we are connected to this Sacred Planet and the elements that sustain Her; we can better understand how to communicate with the natural world. One of the most powerful ways in which we can do this is through creating our own Sacred Site or Medicine Wheel. Within this course, I hope to reignite a deep and resounding sense of connection to the Sacred, to Mother Earth and your own purposeful self. I wish to reawaken the sleeping wisdom that lives within you so that you remember you are not separate from Mother Earth, but a very real part of Her. Love Little Grandmother