Sardinia “The Island of the Gods Tour” May 4th-11th, 2024 

As many of you are aware, I've embraced the role of 'Little Grandmother,' entrusted with the sacred task of taking blessed crystals to ancient, sometimes forgotten sites in order to reconnect and recharge them. My spiritual endeavour continues, and I extend a heartfelt invitation to you to accompany me on my forthcoming journey to the enchanting realm of Sardinia. 

During this expedition, we will take and bless crystals to leave in the Ancient Step Pyramid of Monte Accoddi and the Well of Santa Cristina- known as the Well of the Feminine, recognised as the most venerable and emblematic expression of Sardinia's early civilisations—alongside Giant burial chambers and Neolithic Nuraghe, and so much more.

In the spirit of preserving these sacred energies, I am assembling a small, intimate group of seven kindred souls who share the desire to partake in this divine mission of blessing and rekindling the ancient energetic ley lines of our beloved planet. If you feel drawn to this extraordinary endeavour, please reach out to me for more information and pricing via email at beautyawakens@gmail.com.

May 4th-11th, 2024

Day 1 - May 4th: Arrival into Sardinia, Welcome to Posada at Eleonora B&B

Our journey to discover the enchanting landscapes of Sardinia begins with our meet and greet on arrival in the Olbia Airport. From here the journey commences in the vibrant northeastern harbour city of Olbia. We will immerse ourselves in the soothing embrace of the sea and anticipate a tranquil evening in the renowned, picturesque village of Posada. This charming village boasts a serene, historic centre perched upon a hill that leads to a castle, promising an unforgettable experience.

Day 2 - May 5th: Prehistoric Petroglyphs, Ancient Graves and a night in Samugheo

Our second day begins with a delicious local breakfast that sets the stage for an exciting journey westward to Oniferi. Here, we'll step back in time to explore a "Domus de Janas," a remarkable ancient rock grave adorned with prehistoric petroglyphs that date back over 5,000 years. These intricate carvings were crafted by the pre-Nuragic people and are said to be the work of the mystical Jana fairies. "Jana" means "portal" or a "door into the earth, where the soul finds its way back home."After an indulgent picnic lunch, our path leads us to a traditional Agriturismo in the charming village of Samugheo. Here, we'll relish the genuine flavours of the region as we enjoy a delectable dinner at Agriturismo Da Lino, making for a truly memorable evening.

Day 3 - May 6th: Embracing Sardinia's Ancient Wisdom at Santu Lussurgiu

On our third day, we embark on a profound journey to the renowned Sacred Well of Santa Cristina, often referred to as "The Entrance to Mother Earth." This ancient well, a masterpiece of mathematical precision and astronomical geometry, was meticulously constructed over 3,000 years ago by the early Nuragic people. It served as both a remarkable astronomical observatory for water cults and a sanctuary for Sacred Feminine religious rituals that united entire communities.

Our visit to this extraordinary well is not just an exploration but a sacred ceremony in itself. We'll spend ample time here, channeling our intentions to rekindle the sacred and reconnect with the Feminine as well as Mother Earth herself.

Near the ancient ruins, we will savour a fresh, local lunch, further immersed in the historical ambiance. Afterwards, we'll set our course for the picturesque village of Santu Lussurgiu. Here, an elegant mansion will play host to an exceptional dinner, and as the evening unfolds, we'll leisurely wander through the village's charming alleys illuminated by serene yellow lantern lights, a tranquil end to an enriching day.

Day 4 - May 7th: Exploring Ancient Wonders in Mores

Our journey on Day 4 carries us northward, where we will uncover two of Sardinia's most splendid Nuraghe towers. These ancient architectural marvels, crafted by the early inhabitants of Sardinia, have stood the test of time, silently awaiting our presence and the ceremonies that will breathe life into their ancient stones.

The construction of Nuraghe represents a pinnacle of architectural achievement for its time, surpassing even the grandeur of the Greek colonies in Magna Graecia. As you step inside a Nuraghe, standing in the heart of its conical structure, gazing up at the opening above, you'll experience a profound sense of presence—an experience that I'm eagerly anticipating sharing with you.

Amidst these awe-inspiring historical sites, we'll relish a delightful picnic lunch, surrounded by the echoes of ancient ancestors. As the day concludes, we'll retreat to the village of Mores, where a feast of exquisite cuisine awaits us, complemented by the allure of a tranquil swimming pool. A fitting conclusion to a day filled with wonder and exploration.

Day 5 - May 8th: Unraveling Mysteries at Perfugas: Nuraghe Putzu Canu and the Enigmatic Step Pyramid

Our adventure today takes us to the enigmatic Step Pyramid of Monte Accoddi, a captivating structure that has left experts debating whether to call it a pyramid or a Ziggurat, akin to those from early Sumerian civilisations. But here's where it gets even more intriguing: this monumental wonder, constructed by the ancient Pre Nuragic people of Sardinia, predates any of its Sumerian counterparts. It stands as a testament to the profound and often overlooked connections between Sardinia and Egypt, challenging our understanding of history.

In fact, this remarkable Step Pyramid is the only one of its kind in the Mediterranean, found right here in Sardinia. Today, I'm thrilled to unveil the secrets of this ancient history, the cultural ties that bind them, and the undeniable evidence of how interconnected these megalithic monuments truly were. While surrounded by the aura of history, we'll indulge in a picnic lunch on the very site that whispers tales of the past. As the day winds down, we'll retreat to an authentic Sardinian agriturismo nestled in the hills of Perfugas, where a delightful dinner and a restful night await, ensuring you a perfect end to an extraordinary day of discovery.

Day 6 - May 9th: Exploring Tempio and the Enigmatic Giants Grave at Agriturismo Desole

Our expedition carries us eastward, where we'll uncover the charms of the elegant city of Tempio Pausania. This picturesque Italian gem welcomes us with its quaint roads, granite houses, warm-hearted locals, and a delightful array of shops. However, the true gem of Tempio lies nearby: A mesmerising Giant’s Grave. This hidden treasure remains largely undiscovered by tourists, yet it stands as one of the most well-preserved ancient burial sites on the island.

This pre-Nuragic burial ground, dating back to the early Bronze Age, is a remarkable testament to Sardinia's rich history. Veiled in an air of mystery, the Tomb of the Giants distinguishes itself from thousands of other graves on the island by showcasing collective burials. Here, sacred rituals unfolded in the funerary chamber, yet unlike elsewhere, no funerary documents were placed in the sacred tomb to accompany the departed on their journey to the divine.

It will be a profound experience as we immerse ourselves in the energy of this ancient site, forging connections with the ancient ones of the past.  We will be enjoying a delightful picnic lunch at the site, and as the sun sets, we'll retire to our agriturismo near Olbia, where a sumptuous dinner and the allure of a beautiful swimming pool await, providing the perfect ending to a day filled with history and wonder.

Day 7 - May 10th: Embracing the Feminine at the Sacred Well, a night in Pardu

Today, our journey leads us to the mesmerising Sacred Well of the Feminine, a place where immersion into the water becomes a profound connection. Here, we will take our time to form deep connections, offer prayers, perform sacred ceremonies, and offer our crystals into the waters to bless and thank Mother Earth and the Sacred.

Following this spiritual experience, we'll have the opportunity to unwind and relish the beauty of a local beach, or perhaps explore the inviting shops, allowing you to follow your own wishes for leisure in this enchanting place.

As the day unfolds, we'll savour a delectable dinner and find rest in the tranquility of Pardu, a perfect way to conclude a day filled with spiritual resonance and exploration.

Day 8 - May 11th: A Tranquil Farewell - Concluding the Journey

On this final day of our adventure, we'll savour a leisurely breakfast, taking in the last moments of our remarkable journey. We'll make our way to Olbia together, marking the end of our collective exploration. At the airport, we'll part ways to catch our respective flights, each of us carrying the magic of Sardinia with us.

*If you wish to arrive before or leave after the dates of the tour we are happy to assist you in this. However, please note you will be responsible for your own extra stay as well as travel to and from the airport. *


  • Food and Drink: Enjoy the convenience of all inclusive, with delectable breakfast and dinner served in charming hotels or restaurants. Each day, relish a wholesome picnic lunch with locally sourced Sardinian products. Immerse yourself in the flavours of the island with proudly crafted local wines, homemade liquors, mineral-rich water, coffee and tea.
  • Seamless Travel: All entrance fees and gratuities are included, ensuring a hassle-free journey. You'll be smoothly transported to and from sites and locations by our expert guides, creating a unified and enriching experience. Transfers to and from the Sardinian airport are also part of this adventure. Individual transfers are at additional charge.
  • Comfortable Accommodation: Rest easy in a fine double room, thoughtfully designed for shared comfort. Couples can opt for a room with a single bed for added intimacy. Single travellers may request a single room for an additional charge, offering the privacy of a double room occupied by one person.
  • Guidance and Support: Throughout your journey, your local guide, Samuele Pitzalis and myself, Little Grandmother Kiesha, will be by your side, sharing our expertise and ensuring you get the most out of your experience. We will both be available for both one-on-one and group discussions, providing you with valuable insights and support.
  • Refreshment Breaks: Count on regular stops for refreshments, ensuring you stay energised and revitalised throughout your exploration.

Not Included:

  • International Flights: Please note that international flights to and from Sardinia are not part of the package and should be arranged separately.

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