Book a healing session with Little Grandmother

As a Shaman, Little Grandmother is a skilled healer and herbalist. Being able to see and work with the flow of energy allows her to tune into each specific problem for her clients. The healing sessions can be done from a distance.

I would ask you to please send me a photo of yourself front and back (clothed) so that I can take a look at your energy.. Please write me a description of what you would like me to help you with whether it is mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual in detail so that I better know how to direct and focus on your personal session. (Remember I am a shaman- herbalist- healer, not a psychic) I will write out an in depth reading for you regarding what herbs, crystals, techniques, meditations, and so on that will help you personally. When I receive your email on how I can assist you the session will begin and we will correspond back and forth. Love Little Grandmother