Your Animal Totem

Animal totems, why do we have them and what do they mean?

For as long as I could remember, I could see a particular animal in the centre of each person’s chest. All people have an animal with them whose Spirit has chosen to guide them and be with them through life. The animal totem is there to teach you and guide you throughout your life.

Many people believe that an animal totem is simply a gift given to them at birth, but they do not realise that we are also blessing the animal totem. It is indeed a two-way street. Before living this life in the body that you are in now, you have lived many many lives, not always as a human being. You see, being a human being is the hardest test you will ever take on planet earth, much like graduating college. Just as a child cannot go straight to high school nor can our souls jump into the hardest test possible without slowly learning and growing and becoming ready to take that big test. So yes, we have come to this earth to experience all ways of being, being a tree or being an animal. All these creatures are important and have great gifts to learn and grow from, like how to help other life forms, how to be part of the balance and beauty. Before we decide to send a spark of our souls here to live this life and to take this very hard test we make a decision, an agreement with an animal spirit to come together. This animal is your animal totem. We help this animal spirit by allowing it to live its life with us, teaching it what it will be like to be a human being. It is the animal spirits pre-test before its spirit comes as a human into its next life. We get to have an animal totem with us, which has no ego, which is completely connected to its power, its gifts, its beauty, its strengths and its eternal knowing of the circle of life on planet earth. We are so blessed to have this animal with us. It can help guide us and bless us in so many ways.

When you know what your animal totem is, you can become more aware of its presence. You can be grateful for the animal totem being with you and grateful for its guidance and its blessings in your life. When you know what your animal totem is, you must learn all you can about this animal. What are its abilities? What are its strengths and weaknesses? What animals are it's predators or enemies? Knowing these things you can learn so much more about yourself. You can also learn about what elements can help you. If your animal totem is a water animal, water is very powerful for you. It can be calming and energy empowering. If you have an earth animal like the badger or an armadillo who burrow into the ground, your strongest element would be the soil. This will help ground you and centre your energy and bring you peace of mind and heart.

It is true, you and your animal totem have chosen to be together before you came to planet earth, to take this test. The animal spirit will help and guide you and you help the animal totem by showing what the next Human test will be like.

Our animal totems never change! We are born with one and will die with the same one. Many people say ” I have never seen my totem in real life”. That is okay. You do not have to have a real encounter. If you could have the chance to be close to your totem, you should definitely try it! Get a picture of your totem animal, so you can see it often. It serves as a reminder that you are not alone. This animal is with you and it will empower you greatly.

Your totem animal is something very dear and very special to each of us. You can empower yourself by having little emulates of your animal around, or pictures to remind you of this animal. When you see this animal, stop for a moment and be grateful and remind yourself that it is there with you. I have paintings, photos, statues, carvings of my totem, even pictures with my totem.. I love to surround myself with my OWLS! You can call on your animal totem to help you in times of need, when you need power, or strength, when you are feeling low or have to do something that is hard, to help you connect to mother earth or other people.. our totem animals are here to help us, all we have to do is speak to them. First we must take a moment to be grateful for them. Then, ask for help when you need it. That is what they are there for!

What can you do with this information?

Just as knowing our totem animals can help protect, strengthen and empower us, so can wearing our color and using our numbers. When we wear our color or have a piece of material that is our color in our pocket or wallet, our energy very literally becomes stronger. By wearing your color, your bodies energy and frequency becomes empowered! If you have a job interview, wear your color! If you have an important meeting, or you must talk to someone about something difficult. If you are going to take a test. Wear your color! I always wear my color, having white with me or on me makes me feel good. It even helps my health and vitality. It gives me a sense of peace and strength at the same time. By wearing your color you become more of yourself, in balance and in power, and very grounded. Another thing I ask people to do after knowing their energy color is to get a crystal that is your color. Nothing is more powerful than having a piece of Mother Earth, a crystal that is also your color around your neck as a necklace. It will give you all the power and blessing you need.

Your energy color will never change, just as your animal totem will never change. This energy color can not change. It is who you are. It cannot and will not ever be affected by your mood or your health like your aura. Your Aura is the color of energy you are emanating around you, and we all know that if you are angry your aura will be different than if you were in meditation. The aura color can change but your bodies energy color will always be the same. Your energy color is who you are.

How can you receive your animal totem, energy color and number?

I can see the animal totem, your energy color and number in you on a photo. I will need a photo of you, showing at least your face and chest. I will give you your animal totem, color and number, and email you the details of this specific animal totem and color, its importance, its qualities, its meaning.