I am Kiesha Crowther

Little Grandmother is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, a Shaman, Wisdom Keeper and the gatherer of the Tribe of Many Colors. She is the Author of the book: “Message for the Tribe of Many Colors” and "Earth, Water, Fire, Wind", published in 13 different languages around the world.

Your Animal Totem

Animal totems, why do we have them and what do they mean?

Invite Little Grandmother!

Little Grandmother is traveling all over the world to spread the Message for The Tribe of Many Colors. If you would like to organise an event, workshop, shamanic journey or an online event for your group with Little Grandmother in your region, please contact: beautyawakens@gmail.com. Thank you!

Personal healing session

As a Shaman, Little Grandmother is a skilled healer and herbalist. Being able to see and work with the flow of energy allows her to tune into each specific problem for her clients. The healing sessions can be done from a distance.