Tribe meditation

Tribe Meditation


This beautiful and deeply heart moving message and meditation by Little Grandmother serves to bring the listener to a powerful place of remembrance to their own Great I AM and ability to change their reality on Earth.

Voice: Little Grandmother Kiesha
Native American Flutes: Michael Telepary

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Meditation Dec. 2013


December 2013

Dearest Tribe of Many colors, Family and Friends,

Please join me in this powerful world wide meditation, where you can join your love and light energy into the pure consciousness grid forming around Beloved Mother and all of her sentient beings. Through your intention, love and gratitude in this meditation you can become an active part of change on Mother Earth. We know who we are, we know what we are capable of and why we chose to come to this planet at this time! Now its time to get to work!

With all my love and gratitude for the love and support you have for this amazing planet, and for all the crystals that have been sent to help the radiation project…

Bless you all..
Little Grandmother



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Donate if you can! Help us get kilos of crystals to Japan.
Donate if you can! Help us get kilos of crystals to Japan.


Earth-Breathing Meditation lead by Little Grandmother


Little Grandmother has created a powerful earth-breathing meditation.
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Benefits of Meditation

Studies show the benefits of meditation include reaching deep levels of consciousness and tapping into dormant levels of brain function–levels of function that exist in each and every one of us and resulting in increased intelligence and moving us closer to answering life’s mysterious questions