About tribe

About the Tribe of Many Colors:

“For hundreds of years, many indigenous cultures have spoken about the coming of a Rainbow Tribe during this period of dramatic change on Earth. Brothers and sisters of every color, race, nationality and tongue would come together in unity as children of one Mother, Mother Earth. This would be a heart recognition, not connected to any particular religion or tradition. These people would be the ones capable of changing the world, of being the change needed. These people are those who are ready to start living from the heart and who are ready to be in a whole new way. This is the Tribe of Many Colors.”

When Kiesha turned thirty, she received a telephone call from a Native American elder named “Falling Feathers,” who told her that the elders had been watching her since she was a child, that it was time for her to step into her role as shaman. He said they knew that the

“grandmothers past” had been speaking to her and teaching her since she was a child. Kiesha was told that her role was to gather and lead a “tribe of many colors.” Her name, by which the ancestors and spirits recognized her, was “Little Grandmother”.

At this point, Kiesha did not know what the word shaman meant. Yet she was continually receiving guidance directly from spirits who would appear to her. She was told by Falling Feathers and “Mother Spirit,” her primary spirit guide, that she was one of twelve wisdom

keepers on the planet at this pivotal time. Each of these wisdom keepers had been learning lessons from Mother Earth since he or she was a child. Each was receiving the same information and messages, though each had a different role to play. Kiesha was able to sense when things

were happening to Mother Earth, when she was shifting, contracting, moving, being hurt, or being deeply effected in some way. Like the other wisdom keepers, Kiesha would be responsible for certain crystals that were to be placed back in the Earth, to strengthen Mother’s Earth’s ley lines and energy grid before the Great Shift was to happen. But most important, she would be responsible for sharing a message to help the children of Earth remember who they are. Kiesha’s special purpose was to bring together people of every land, to gather together this Tribe of Many Colors for the purpose of changing the consciousness on planet Earth.


The Tribe of Many Colors, that is YOU!

-How can you make a change?

*Remember who you are, and where you came from

*You are the co-creators of your life*

*The dream we have in our hearts, can be materialized and transformed in an instant*

*every day, be the best you can be*

*be love, be in gratitude for all that is*

Join the Tribe of Many Colors

On this website and on Facebook, Little Grandmother will share news, tips and the latest information about upcoming events. She will keep you updated on the things you can do to make this world a better place to live in.


Something we do together:

-Twice a day, at noon and at 8pm (Central European Time) we all, as the Tribe of Many Colors, meditate together, and feed love consciousness. Meditation page can be found here.

Something you can do at home:

return back crystals to Mother Earth

-Plant your garden

-Gather your community

-Sending prayers and Gratitude to our Mother Earth

Meditation page can be found here.