Newsletter Jan 2019

Newsletter January 2019

Hello brothers and sister, beautiful Tribe of Many Colors,

Let this year be the year your voices are heard! Today more than ever people are waking up and making a stand for climate justice, for women’s rights, the future of our children, indigenous protection, animal rights, clean water, healthy food, and so many other examples. Are you an active part in bringing healthy change to our planet? There is no more time to sit at home and do nothing. Now is the time to stand for something, to speak up and to join the ever-growing push for a healthy world. This is the very reason we are called “the strongest of the strong”! This is part of our purpose here on this planet at this time! Our future really is in our hands at this moment and it’s time for action. Sometimes we think the problem is too big for us the individual to do anything about it, but if we all thought that way nothing at all would change. The change must come from us the individual, the consumer, the public, the masses! We must remember that we have a voice and we have an opportunity right now to make those voices heard. Choose what it is you will stand for and make it happen, starting now!

I will be giving workshops and shamanic journeys all around the world, bringing like-hearted people together, praying for Mother Earth and for the health of our planet, teaching how to make a Sacred Site, how to be the best you can be and how to live in your highest potential, how to reconnect to your animal totem and Mother Earth.

Upcoming Events 2019

15-16 February 2019: Lecture and workshop in Johannesburg, South-Africa.
13 March 2019: Lecture Joure (Friesland)
23-24 March 2019: Advanced Shamanic Journey in Bern (Switzerland)
5-7 April 2019: Shamanic Journey in Tuscany (Italy)
27 April-4 May 2019: Advanced Shamanic Week in La Vie Tara (France)
29 June 2019: A day with Maori Elder Toroa and me in the Netherlands
7 Sept 2019: Workshop in Galicia (Spain)
21-22 Sept 2019: Shamanic Journey in Bern (Switzerland)

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