Will you be coming to my country/state soon?

 At the moment, Little Grandmother’s travel and events schedule evolves somewhat organically—Some places she receives direct guidance from Spirit that she needs to go to perform ceremony; in other cases, an invitation comes that logistically makes sense, is large enough to warrant her traveling, and which also feels right on an inner level at that time (right time and place!). With international travel, so far she has gone where there is already a sizable interest in her work and message, and where the logistics came together easily. Since she does not have a “manager” or agent or other regular staff, but rather a few dedicated friends who help her with event planning and coordination, she generally travels where there is a good organizational level and someone able to produce a significant event or two, and where she can do multiple events in the region to make her travel worthwhile—that is unless she is specifically sent to perform a sacred crystal ceremony in a region, which she does not choose herself. Due to her family responsibilities and health issues, she cannot travel all the time but must carefully pick and choose what non-ceremonial travel to do. With that said, she will try to visit as many places as she can where there is strong interest in working with her! She has been overwhelmed with all the love and support shown around the world and sends her love and heartfelt gratitude to everyone!

As soon as future events become confirmed, they will be posted on her web site Events page.

Do you schedule appointments with people?

 Little Grandmother has offered personal shamanic healing sessions with people in the past and may do so again in the future—as of now, her focus has had to shift to doing events and ceremonies, and working on a book to be released in 2011. If you are interested in having a phone session or in-person session with Little Grandmother in Santa Fe, you can email beautyawakens@gmail.com and she will put you on a list for when Little Grandmother begins doing personal sessions again. Please include your contact info and phone number.

I have a book I’ve written, or something I’d like to offer, and I’d like to mail it to you. Where can I mail my gift?

*A new address for Little Grandmother in Holland will be available soon. 


Are DVDs of your talks available and where can I find and purchase them to share with our gathering?

 Right now there are two DVDs of Little Grandmother’s talks available for purchase—one is Little Grandmother speaking about the Return of the Ancestors ceremony and the other is Little Grandmother sharing about prophecy. These can be purchased online ($15 including shipping) on our videographer’s web site:
Click here to purchase.

Why aren’t your workshops and talks free?

 Because this is such an important question, we’d like to take some time in answering it. Little Grandmother is committed to making her message and any information she receives from the spirits and Mother Earth freely available to all through the release of videos on YouTube. She will continue to make these available as important information comes through that she is asked to share with humanity. Her primary way of communicating and sharing the message is through these freely given videos, which reach people all over the globe more efficiently and effectively than doing events can. Therefore, her traveling to do talks and workshops is something “extra” which she does not have to do in order to reach hearts. Her message that each of us is the Great I AM should prevent the thinking that she or anyone else is closer to Spirit/Source/the Divine than someone else, and that being in her presence is somehow necessary to “getting it”. Yet there are many people who are inspired and touched by her talks and wish to connect with her, work with her in a deeper way, and who want to hear her speak in person. For this purpose, she is willing to travel to do public talks and workshops—but this is a lot of work and energy-output on her part, being a highly sensitive being. The ceremonies she has performed involving crystals were events she was specifically directed to do by her Council and/or her spirit guides; some of these were open to the public and some were not; in general these are always free events, since they are of a highly sacred nature.


In Angsbacka in Sweden, where she recently performed a crystal ceremony, she only found out after she had agreed to present at the No Mind Festival that a crystal ceremony needed to happen there. While this Festival, by itself was a fee-based event, Little Grandmother was not paid to present there. In this case, there were already upwards of 1,000 people registered for the Festival, and so opening the ceremony to the general public was not logistically possible, unfortunately.


Further, because travelling to do events involves time away from her children, and a strain on her delicate health, we fully feel there is justification in charging a standard and realistic fee for these events, which represent a sizable output of energy on her part—and on the part of the event producers/organizers. Because travel is expensive, and Little Grandmother lives in the real world, needs to take care of her family and practical needs like everyone, we do not see a conflict in her charging a fee for this “extra” time given to doing presentations and workshops and travelling to distant places to speak. She has no desire to be perceived as a guru figure supported solely by “followers.” We feel it is actually much “cleaner” to have these issues be clear and out front. Any crystal ceremonies that she is guided to perform will always be given freely and free of charge, if open to the public; Since she is committed to making information that she receives available freely and globally through YouTube, we feel that if she travels to present workshops or talks these events should offer some compensation for her time — otherwise she could save herself the stress and strain of travel and simply stay at home or in nature– which she loves best.

How can I support your work? (answered by Kiesha)

The best way to support my work and the message is to truly start living from your heart and understanding that you are the Great I AM—that everything you need to create the change you want to see in the world and in your life is within you. This involves 1) developing a living relationship with Mother Earth, 2) developing a relationship with your own highest self, and 3) asking yourself, “Why am I here?” For what purpose did my Great I AM send me here? The answer to this question will be different for each of us, yet within this lay the answer to what each of us needs to “do”. Rather than thinking in terms of “doing,” we need to think now in terms of “being”. The answer is truly “being” the vibration of Love, rather than in doing. When you are vibrating in Love, and acting out of Love, everything you do will be what you are meant to do, and will have a positive effect. Living from the heart is not just a nice concept—it is a practice of listening and opening on a moment by moment level, and of “feeling” oneself to be interconnected to all other life and to the planet intimately. Spending time deeply listening and feeling your connection to Mother Earth’s energy and her great love for us is the surest way to reconnect to your heart, and to your highest self.

On a more practical everyday level, some people feel moved to support my work by organizing actions for Mother Earth as guided by their own hearts, by organizing and participating in group meditations and prayers inspired by the message, by sharing this message within their own networks and in their own work with others.


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