EVENT 9-9-2017 in Utrecht (NL): Global Healing Medicine Wheel

Global Healing Medicine Wheel Ceremony

9th September 2017    Utrecht ~ Janskerk

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Or Youtube: https://youtu.be/tQkx0es-FREhttps://youtu.be/DG_ncXfdmrYhttps://youtu.be/xm21DqjY_kw

Join us for Little Grandmothers new book release “Earth, Water, Fire, Wind ~ Our Connection To Mother Earth” and the much awaited Global Medicine Wheel Ceremony. The Dutch translation of the new book will be available this night! For Dutch Press Release click here.

Little Grandmother is calling us together to take part in the creation of the global healing Medicine Wheel!

Plants, seeds, herbs and, crystals from all over the world have been gathered for this one, very special and very important night in which we the Tribe of Many Colors offer our love, healing, and respect, to our Mother Earth.

Come take part in this very unique and much awaited evening with Little Grandmother and powerful guests in a night of ceremony, drumming, song and prayers from the four corners of our globe. This powerful evening promises to ignite a deep  and resounding sense of connection to the Sacred, to Mother Earth in all Her wondrous splendor and to your own beautiful and purposeful self.

You are much greater than you know, you are a literal spark of the Devine, a child of this earth and a brother and sister to all life that resides here. It is time to reawaken the sleeping wisdom that lives within you so that you remember who you are and what you are capable of! You are essential to this world at this time! Your gifts, your passion, your words and actions determine the future of humanity, and it is time to understand both the blessing and the burden of that! It is time to rise together, it is time to stand as the strongest of the strong and lead the way into a new and brighter future. You… You are desperately needed to help heal our planet and the wounds of humanity! Did you think you were born to this planet for anything less? It is time to remember who you are!

“On this night you will not just attend a lecture.. but take part in one of the most anticipated and powerful ceremonies dedicated to the Healing of Mother Earth!”

Special guests for this powerful event include:


Signe Katrine Maso ~ Sami Grandmother

Daughter of Norway, Drummer and Yoiker

Click here to learn about Grandmother Signe








Laetitia Tillet & Carlos Sanchez

Laetitia, Daughter of Rwanda, Colombia and Belgium

Lived 3 years with the Kogi

Carlos is a musician from Columbia  and has lived with the Kogi tribe for several years

He is also the Husband of beautiful Laetitia and father of three precious little boys. Carlos will be sharing his amazing talent and traditional music with us on the night of ceremony.

Click here to learn more about Laetitia and Carlos




Lucia Amaya

Daughter of the jungles of Columbia and Holland

Buddist Nun and Servant of Mother Earth









Musical Guest :

Kim Renuka Van Kuyk

Daughter of Mumbai India and Belgium

Singer and Song Writer, Click here to learn about Kim





FOR MORE INFO: email Joyce, beautyawakens@gmail.com