An interview with Little Grandmother on the subject of extraterrestrial visitors in 2009 by Brent Raynes.

Editor: Priscilla [Wolf] believes that there are portals to other worlds in the San Luis Valley. Do you agree? Have you seen any of the UFOs that she talks about?
Kiesha Crowther: As I said previously, I have seen and even interacted with many beings from the other side.. but I believe there are differences between those on the other side whom I call the ancient ones or ancestors and those who come from different places in the universe. It is my belief from what I have been taught that there are many beings, many groups of beings. Some are less intelligent/spiritually coherent if you will, and many who are much much more advanced than we are intellectually/spiritually/energetically and so on.

It has been my experience in the past that there are also those groups of beings who are more advanced than we, but that are also on the same level spiritually as we are so they have come here, to our planet, in search of things that could better them, or wished to know more about us and how we operate, and in doing so gave many of us a good fright by the means in which they took their information because they do not feel the same fear emotions and or compassion as we do. Having said that, I have been told and I do believe strongly that they will no longer be visiting us, in fact they have been stopped. (1)

I know I’m going a bit deep here but bear with me as I try to explain. There is an intelligence higher than us, I say higher but what I mean is that they understand more. They spiritually are more advanced. Their consciousness is far beyond our own here on this planet and they deeply love us. They see us as “children” trying to make it but we are making many, many mistakes. They are not angry at us but they want us to do better. They want us to succeed. They do not want us to harm each other or kill the planet.

This Earth is VERY important to them. They love Her as a living, breathing being, who is the mother to many creatures who WE (human beings) will not be allowed to destroy. Understand that they love us, yes; but they also love the rest of the living planet and they will not let us (the only living creature on the planet that kills needlessly, pollutes, destroys and neglects the others) destroy Her.

We, the human beings, are the only thing killing Mother Earth and we will not be allowed to do it. They, the “star beings,” do not want to see us fail, or destroy each other. They want us to realize who we are, what great capabilities we have and this is why they are coming to our planet and will be coming “with their families” to help us.

I do not look at UFOs as a Sci-Fi, spooky and scary mystery that belongs on the X Files, nor do I believe that it’s all a hoax. I know they are real. I know we are being visited, that the crop circles are messages for those star beings who are already here from the others, that they are here to help us, to give us the tools to better ourselves. It is a very real thing for me and that there is nothing to fear as long as we live from our hearts with kindness and love.

I have experienced seeing many unique and I guess strange phenomenon. I have watched large red balls of light hover over my home from time to time since I was around 13, one of which many people in town saw, including my neighbor who was/still is a police officer. I guess this is where I should mention that a government helicopter landed in his Field the next morning..

I have watched lights land on top of the hills here outside of town and never leave, in the middle of the night. I witnessed several times the green glowing orbs of light flying in a triangle pattern in great speeds over the mountain tops one second, then be over the town the next second. Many, many things happen here in the valley and I’ve heard many different stories from people, people whom wouldn’t make something like this up, just simply wanting to know if anyone else saw it.